Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm back, for the most part, from the disturbingly deep funk that I dropped into for the last few days. The holidays, some family dynamics, and the never ending icestorm were taking me down.

I appreciate the advice that I got to try anti-depressant medication. I do. My doctor has recommended it, actually. It's not for me though. My thought about it is this: some days depression is the only rational response to my life situation. It's temporary, and I get through it. Snap myself out of it.

It was time today to snap out of it today. I took some steps to feel human again. A long hot soapy shower. Some fresh clean new boxer briefs. A short masculine haircut. Some time outside.

Though I have three more family gatherings in the next two weeks that have the potential to take me down again, I'm optimistic.

I'm up. I'm frisky. Bring it on...
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