Friday, January 02, 2009

I Got Your Crazy...

"you say I'm crazy, I got your crazy" - Britney Spears, "Womanizer"

Wow, it's been quite a roller coaster for me, psychologically, in the last few weeks. The holidays do that to me. And you, my few and faithful readers, get to see behind the curtain of my mind. Raw and mosty unedited. Much more than family or friends ever get to see.

I am who I am. Roughly, in unequal parts: flawed, funny, smart, lazy, selfish, giving, charming, deceitful, inquisitive, cultured, resourceful, respectful, confident, patient, withdrawn, lustful, risk-taking, friendly, religious, stubborn....etc.

But, the holiday are over and life is returning to a normal level of disfunction for me. Which means that I am smiling today and thinking about the future. So, without further ado, more new year’s resolutions off of the top of my head:

- spend focused time with the boys: play, encourage, mentor.

- continue working on the house to make it a positive home environment for the family. Fix all of the broken things that are sapping our will, and re-purpose rooms to make living together smoother.

- Teach one of my sons to play guitar. Not sure which one.

- Read more, and I already read a lot. Read all of the things that I’ve been wanting to that I haven’t gotten to lately. Shakespeare. Darwin vs. Intelligent Design (Johnson, Dembski, and Behe). More Bible. Plays and novels.

- Learn Tai Chi. Okay, this has been on my list for twenty years. This year I am going to do it.

- Lose 25 lbs and be fitter. For my health. This I can do. I need to get back to my Air Force weight.

- Start preparing for the end or the world in 2012, as per the Mayan calendars. Stocking up on food supplies and guns.

- Less politics. This one is hard for a political junkie. But, I need to tune out for the next 8 years or I will have a stroke.

- More music. You can’t have too much.-

I'll stop there, although I'm sure I'll think of more.

Happy New Year, everyone.

P.S. I'm at least partially kidding about the 2012 thing. Just threw that in to see if you were reading closely. Although, the MiddleEast is flaring up and there was a swarm of earthquakes in the Yellowstone Supervolcano caldera last week you were.
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