Sunday, March 29, 2009

Semi-Random Thoughts

- Snowblowers! I am waking up this morning to the sound of snowblowers in my neighborhood. Will I ever be warm again? Will this cursed March ever end? Where is this mythical Global Warming when you need it.

- I say waking up. I mean waking up for the tenth time. I am sleeping horribly lately - getting up many times every night. It's dispruptive, and it wears on you. It's like an old joke that I heard long ago: Did you sleep good? No, I made a few mistakes.

- I wish that I could have all or most of the last nine days back. I had some time off of work, not at my choice. I had plans. I always have plans. I got none of them accomplished. There are few things more soul-crushing than having time off and doing absolutely nothing. I even passed on my favorite pastime - golfing. I had the time. I had the money. But, I'm having significant amount of chest pain lately and I was afraid that I would keel over on the back nine. Seriously. That wouldn't be good.

- If I knew in advance that I wasn't going to do anything for nine days, I would have done nothing differently. I would have cashed in a free roundtrip ticket in my account and gone somewhere in the country to do some photography. I miss flying into a town and capturing it digitally in the evenings. I really miss that.

- I did do some semi-naked housecleaning on the one warm day that we had. See picture.

- I wish I had a sex life. Well, one that involved another person anyway. I'm trying, really, to reconnect with Mrs. SCM. I made a point during my week of nothingness to try to "date" Mrs. SCM in some way. I had her meet me for lunch during her work day. Picked a nice restaurant. Ordered for her, her favorite choices off the menu - had it on the table waiting for her. Nothing. She couldn't get her head out of work and it was a long awkward lunch where she ate nothing. I tried. I think it's time to find her a boyfriend and then find other solutions myself.

- Sitting behind the glass at a semi-pro hockey game, with my boys, is awesome! When the players crash into the boards right in front of you is a rush.

- I live in a river town. The water is way, way, way up - and rising. It's going to be a wet spring.

- The War on Terror has come to my hometown. I can't tell you how, without giving up my location (which a few of you, but not all, know). Let's just say that I am not happy with Barry's administration for doing this to us.

- Here's a news story that you should give some thought to: handgun ammunition is sold out around the country. Don't believe me? Go to Walmart today and try to buy your favorite caliber of handgun ammo. I tried last night, after reading a story on my favorite political website about shortages and ammo manufacturers working 24/7. I wanted some 9mm for some time on a gun range that I have a membership in. No go. Empty shelf. I could buy one box of .22 LR (550 rounds). I could buy some shotgun shells. I was limited to two boxes of .762X39 for a rifle. No go on the 9mm. Never had that happen before. So, what are the social implications of all of the handgun ammo in America being sold out? Think about that, and get back to me.

- Devyn, from The Real World - Brooklyn, is without doubt the hottest real woman on TV. She does it for me, is all I'm sayin'.
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