Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm with Jon

Okay, I got suckered in. I watched the season premiere episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC on Memorial Day. My bad.

Yes, I've seen a few minutes here and there last year. Mrs. SCM watches the program. She wanted me to watch with her now. Bad idea, I thought. This is a no-win situation for me. I'm going to root for Jon against Kate-zilla and get myself in trouble. But, I pressed on foolishly and watched it.

Watching the episode totally reminded me of the niche on CraigsList called "Cuckolds". These are couples with a dominant "hotwife" and a submissive male who thrives on getting humiliated. Not for me, but to each his own I guess. It's not enough for the cuckold to just get cheated on. Oh no. The cuck gets off on setting up his humiliation. On arranging dates for his hotwife with "bulls", who come over to please the hotwife in all of the ways that the cuckold cannot.

Kate is the hotwife. Jon is the cuckold, participating in his own humiliation. The show is the bull, providing for Kate what Jon can't.

It could play out, whatever, if there weren't kids involved. But, there are. And this is going to end badly.

What were they thinking, going on TV? Kate, in the midst of her martyr rant, observed that parents of multiples have a divorce rate triple the population and that she had thought that they would beat it. Wrong statistic to focus on. How about this one: 100% of married couples on reality TV get divorced. Beat that.

Am I going to watch episode two tonight. Probably. But, I'm rooting for Jon to escape.
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