Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Her, Him, and Me: Meeting...

She surprised me, she really did, with her email out of the blue. "Are you still looking to experience a 3-some?" Yes please. It took 16 more back-and-forth emails, with her not him, to make it happen.

I learned about them in the emails. Both much younger than me. Clean, attractive - verified with pics. Risking my own face pics that they seemed pleased with.

I learned this from Her: "I am very, very sexual". Well, we'll find that out in time, won't we?

How about Him: "Hubby has had a very brief bi encounter and he was turned on by it and would like to explore it more." I'm down for that. Let's explore.

What did She think about that? "I am completely turned on by that.... I would love to watch some man give him a great blow job....and I would love to be pleasured by 2 men." Okay, now we are on.

What would the dynamic be? "Hubby by nature is a Dom, and I am very submissive in the bedroom." Perfect. Plug me in between.

Time to have fun. Now for the logistics. Neither can host, so a hotel is in order - preceeded by a public meeting as a sanity and chemistry check. We setup an early evening meeting in their town not far away. I arrived early and grabbed a room and a shower.

6:15 came, and I walked into the meeting place, the bar of a chain restaurant. She sat on a stool along the bar in between us two guys. Three beers please. No food. Hopefully, we wouldn't be there long...

She was right. They were more attractive in person than their pictures even. Very nice. A good start. She had long beautiful strokable hair. Very pretty. Full breasts straining at her sweater. A nice round spankable derriere. Yes. Yes. Yes. He - well He is a guy and I don't know what guys look like. Focused on her.

I wanted to kiss Her right then, right there, in public. I love to kiss. She looked very kissable, to say the least. I ached to kiss Her.

But, there was nervous conversation to be had first. Small talk, with an sexually charged agenda. I just wanted to put them at ease. I wanted them to like me. I wanted them to say yes. We had some things in common, and the conversation became easier. Did they like me? Are we really going to be having sex in a short while? It seemed possible. I tried to talk with both of them, and not just Her.

"Can I buy another round, or some food", I offered. "Or, would you like to go with me? I'll take your lead".

Her, looking at Him: "I'll take your lead".

Him: "Are you good? Would you like another beer".

Her, with a smile: "I'm good. I don't need another beer."

It's on. The chemistry is there and it's electric. We settled the tab and then came the question. "Should we get a room?"

"I already have one. I'm checked in and had time to shower even."

Her, with a smile: "Well, that was presumptious!"

"Optimistic", I say.

I gave them my room key holder with the hotel name and room number written on it. No key. And off we drove in separate cars toward our rendezvous...

Let me gather the X-rated slideshow in my head, and I'll tell you what we did on the king-sized bed...
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