Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Fantasizing

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I've been in a lot of hotels. I understand what naughtiness can transpire in a hotel room. What trouble.

Trouble, like the trouble that was described to me recently in an email from a dear reader. A lovely, and married, young lady who writes to me now and then.

It seems my married young friend finds trouble now and then when a lover comes to town. She described the trouble in delightfully wicked detail. How she goes to his room. How he takes her. Trouble.

I read her description. Very hot. I read it multiple times, in fact.

Then I slept. And I dreamed. Her reality, my fantasy.

And I woke, aroused by her tale. Arousal that needed to be dealt with. Go see.... password = scm

You see, the thing is this.....I have a lot of travel coming up. Many hotels. Many cities.

Including hers........
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