Monday, August 07, 2006

Hard or Soft

The lovely stripper, Passion, asked me one time mid-lapdance this question:

"Do you like to make love or to fuck?"

"Make love", I answered. Mostly because I'm very good at romantic sex. Long lasting sex. Giving sex. Very good, if I may say so.

"Oh", she said - disappointed with my answer. "I like to fuck".

Based on the email submissions from ladies that I've gotten in response to my last post - thank you ladies - it appears that women are more like my friend Passion than I knew. At least secretly. I don't know about openly.

Women like to fuck. Hard.

Okay, the fuller answer is that I'm capable of both. I can be romantic. It's also true that I can fuck aggressively.

I'm thinking that I've made love most of my life, and that I should avail myself of fucking more often.
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