Monday, July 31, 2006

Abusing my Laptop

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Had to take the edge off, once again.

Another horny night in a hotel. What to do?

Dinner, yes - Mexican. Enchiladas and a margarita. Solo.

Work, yes. Spreadsheets until I'm spread thin.

Then there's nothing left but the edge. The gnawing horniness. With only one outlet.

Surfing - blogs first. Rolling through all my links. Hi friends. You're not helping. In fact, more edge.

Channel surfing. News, of course, but not much because it's depressing right now. Over to "Project Runway" instead.

More surfing. Sapphic lovelies - very nice. Spanking sites - Ouch! Drunken frat orgies. Stills. Videos. Click. Click. Click.

Until, finally, it's time to take the edge off. A laptop. A DVD - all girl, one of my favorites.

Release. Will sleep come now?

For the un-squeamish, there are incriminating NSFW photos here:
album: "Abusing my Laptop"
password: scm

Gentlemen, (and Jen per your request on your blog - "No more penis pics, please") - you are excused - unless of course you want to look.
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