Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Media Moments

A couple of fleshly media moments, before I run off to my monkish evening in a tent:

- "My Fair Brady": props to Mr. Christopher Knight (a.k.a. Peter Brady) for bagging scrumptions sex kitten and supermodel Adrienne Curry in the wedding finale on Sunday. The real highlight was from the bachelorette party the week before. Ms. Curry and her bridal party of hot babes hit the high roller suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. If you didn't see the 10-girl hot tub, stripper pole, lap dancing girls night in - you missed out. Very sexy!

Even the small flashback video clips were hot. Like the one with Adrienne in a white bikini leaning over a car with her butt - barely contained in her bikini bottom - sticking out looking over her shoulder at Chris and purring "you want a ride?" Mind blowing.

Chris Knight - you did us old guys proud.

- How about that cover of US Magazine this week with a demure and pretty Pam Anderson. Gorgeous. Made me want to linger in the check out aisle.

Oh well. No TV in the tent. No magazines. Just a good lawyer-mystery book. That will work.
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