Friday, July 14, 2006

Out of my Funk, Courtesy of some Sultry Sirens

Okay, I'm back to myself tonight. Screw writing about being molested as a child. I may tell that story someday soon. But I'll tell it when I want to and not when I'm in a funk about it triggered by someone else. It's not a story that anyone needs to hear anyway.

Besides, I hate being sidetracked off of what I want to write - which is sex-positive and fun.

And, what? I've got problems? Compared to the beautiful and wistful Lauren of MTV's "The Hills"? (a mesmerizing spin-off of "Laguna Beach"). When is this smart, mature, ambitious young lady with the perpetual pout going to end her pain and kick Jason the Jerk to the curb? He's just playing her. Surely there's a better guy for her at college or at work. Or maybe she should start dating Heidi. I'm hooked.

What's really got me feeling better is watching some music videos on AOL Music's Top 11 online. Christian Aguillera. Rhianna. Shakirra. Even Paris Hilton, who has a new video that I thought was catchy and sexy and better than the "Worst!" rating it had on my screen.

Hey, I have some kick-ass Altec-Lansing speakers in my laptop! Didn't know that. I usually watch porn DVD's with the mute on. :)

Back to watch that Paris Hilton video again. Have a great weekend.
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