Monday, July 10, 2006

Excerpted and Reviewed!

Congrats to Des over at Desireous, who discovered this week that she had been excerpted on Fleshbot and reviewed at Jane's Guide. She was pretty excited.

I know how she feels.

I had similarly discovered last week that I was excerpted at Fleshbot mid-June for their "Sex-Blog Roundup"! Chelsea Girl apparently liked my "Country Night on the Red Couch" post. Awesome! I wonder if anyone stops in now because of Fleshbot? If so, say hi in the comments.

This is my 4th time to be excerpted on Fleshbot. I was so honored 3 times for my previous blog: "DanceFan: on Strippers and Life". Just type "DanceFan" into the search window on Fleshbot and you'll find those 3. Including one of my favorites, about "My Beautiful Companion" - a lovely young lady I met online for the sole purpose of accompanying me to strip clubs when I traveled to her city. Fun.

But, I had another pleasant discovery to come!

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I went to Jane's Guide, typed my blog into the "search reviews" window and found that little old "Semi-Celibate Erotica" has been reviewed there! Awesome again. I'm honored.

And, just like DanceFan before it, Jane's Guide rated this little semi-smutty endeavor as a "Quality Original".

Here's what Vamp, their reviewer, had to say about SCE:

Semi-Celibate Erotica
This blog is written by a married man. He says it is, "For those of us who think about sex more than we actually have sex. Who live an internal, semi-celibate life - not by choice." He writes about his sexual interests, shopping for sex toys to give strippers, and about his frustrated desire to have sex with his wife. I've run into quite a few of these blogs, some by husbands and some by wives. It always makes me sad to think that so many choose to talk to strangers about this sort of thing, rather than fix things with their partner (by going to counseling, talking it out with them, or whatever). I know that it takes two willing parties, but if it can't be worked out sometimes it is best to just move on amicably before your frustration becomes secrecy or resentment. I say this from experience. At any rate, this is a well written window into a situation where frustrated desire is the dish of the day. I know many people will relate to him and his situation. - Vamp

I'll take it! Just two thoughts:

- given this anonymous blog, I'd say I'm already well into the "secrecy"
- and given my 25th anniversary last week, I'd say I'm not moving on. :)

Other than that minor quibbling, I love the "frustrated desire is the dish of the day" observation. Dead on accurate.

Any new visitors from Jane's Guide? Again, say hi in the comments?

Okay, now I'm reinvigorated. My thanks to the fine folks at Fleshbot and Jane's Guide. And to Des for pointing me back to them.
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