Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Travel Blues

Long travel days have a way of wearing on you. Driving in the dark to catch an early flight. Busy airports and crowded airplanes. Navigating a new city.

Fortunately, there are beautiful ladies all along the way to keep me company.

Like the stunning 6' 5" deeply tanned platinum blonde ahead of me at the ticket counter. Wearing nothing but what looked like a thin silk neglige. My main thought after admiring her beauty was "She's going to be cold on the plane."

And the beautiful business woman directly ahead of me in the security line. A gorgeous mane of shoulder length hair. A light knit sweater. And very sexy slacks that featured her very shapely derriere. A swish in her hips that kept me company all the way down the concourse.

On a side note: I've noticed that, although there are many gaze-worthy butts in blue jeans in an airport - all worth salacious glances, it's business slacks that really catch my eye and spark the lustful thoughts in an airport. Very sexy.

Girl watching. It makes travel bearable. Thank you ladies.
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