Sunday, June 25, 2006

May I, Please?

I got tagged! "Married With Sex" tagged me with to make a list:

Who would be on your list, if you could have sex with any 5 celebrities, without consequences, or repercussions. The celebrities do not have to be current, they could be from any point in time.

Since I conveniently carry this particular list with me in my head at all times, it wasn't hard to complete in 2 minutes or less. In no particular order, my five most doable celebrities are:

- Alyssa Milano (the grown up version, she's sexy!)

- Vanessa Marcil (from "Vegas" and other shows. Petite and spicy.)

- Kelly Preston (loved her before she married what's his name with all the airplanes. Most memorable: the naked-bouncing-on-his-lap monologue in Jerry McGuire - "...if you want me to be with another girl for you I would do that....." But she's beautiful in every movie she's in.)

- Jami Gertz (from "Still Standing". Had a crush on her since way back. And she just keeps getting better.)

- Beyonce Knowles (HOT!!! She can be my "Naughty Girl")

May I, please?

Update: How is it possible that I left off Kate Beckinsale? Kate Bekinsale!

It's because I can't just list 5 with so many great beauties out there.

So, let me add Gina Gershon, Pam Anderson, Heather Locklear, and Kylie Minogue just to make it 10.

Or should I go for 20........
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