Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Incriminating Evidence

Ms. Jenna Haze
SCM has a secret.

A secret stash, to be more precise. Hidden away in deep cover under lock and key. A secret stash that, if discovered, would cause me considerable trouble on the homefront.

It saw the light of day again briefly this week, making a rare appearance outside of the hidey-hole.

It's a small, but memorable, collection of items signed by 3 porn stars that I met at strip clubs where they were feature dancing. It's compact, and all fits within one DVD case. The contents include:

- 3 DVD's - all signed
- 3 DVD jackets - all signed
- 2 polaroids, featuring said porn star / dancers seated naked on my lap - signed

You can see the cropped version of the incriminating polaroids (NSFW!) at:

ablum = feature dancers
password = scm

I wrote posts about seeing these terrific ladies in the clubs on the "DanceFan" blog. I'll point you to those posts. I think they are interesting reads.

The ladies were:

1. Jenna Haze (pictured here):

The Porn Star, The Rock Star, and Me
The Porn Star, The Rock Star, and Me - Part II in 3 Acts

2. Felicia (my favorite, the Queen of Lesbian Porn, a dark haired latina beauty.

Feature Dancers: the Queen of Lesbian Porn

This Vivid Interactive DVD - Felicia up close and personal - is particularly impressive. It features Felicia performing with several delicious female porn stars including: Janine, Jill Kelly,Taylor Hayes, Jenteal, Heather Hunter, Charlie, and many others. Awesome!

3. Kim Chambers, a blonde bombshell who was terrific fun.

Porn Star Orgy at Center Stage, Part I
Porn Star Orgy at Center Stage, Part II
Porn Star Orgy at Center Stage, Part III

Shhhhhhh. Don't tell anybody.

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