Thursday, June 01, 2006

Face Full of Glass

When she came in, it got interesting again.

I had been in Panera's for a while last week, surfing everyone's HNT sites. I had outlasted the lunch crowd and all the pretty ladies in the estrogen-rich environment had filtered out. Just lonely old me surfing on my laptop over by the window.

Until she walked in with her laptop and took a seat opposite of me, facing me. Tight jeans. Vivid ass tattoo. Denim jacket. Long blonde hair. Wild and hot, by the look of her.

She typed. I typed. And ocassionally, I glanced her way.

Was she a blogger too? What sites was she surfing? Should I write her a note with the link to SCE here and have a waiter take it over to her? Would be shocked? Was her blog even wilder?

She typed. I typed. And still I glanced.

Until time was up and I had to go and end our silent non-flirting.

I could have gone out of the front door right next to her, but I opted to make a restroom stop and go out of the backdoor off the restroom hallway. Then I could neatly cut off my brain from thinking about her.

Good plan. Until I came out of the restroom, into the narrow hallway to exit stage left out the back door.

And who was coming down the hallway right at me? Denim girl. Walking right at me, smiling.

Startled, I turned left quickly to leave.

And walked SMACK! into the plate glass window to the left of the door.

Smooth. Very smooth.
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