Thursday, May 11, 2006

May BOB Feedback

My post a week ago Tuesday was about delivering the May installment of my BOB-of-the-month club to two lovely young strippers for their personal enjoyment.

The reviews are in.

The new girl has found that her new BOB came in "VERY handy". Yea!

And the exquisite "Passion" reports this about her new collection:

"I have only had the chance to check out the butterfly one that you got me and I can't unattach myself from it!!! I have used it about a dozen times...mostly while watching the porno that you got me. I LOVE it. It has become my new favorite."

There is a comical sidenote to her receiving several months worth of BOBs now:

"I went to a sex toy party about two weeks ago and I had about half of the toys that they had there!!! It was funny. I kept saying I have that one and I have that one...oh...and I have that one too!!! The girls were all laughing at me!! Excellent job on the May BOB's!!! I look forward to seeing if you can one up them in June!! Thanks again ...."

I have to say that shopping for these toys was fun. But knowing that two sexy girls are having orgasms because of my efforts is immensely satisfying.

Hugs, ladies.
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