Friday, April 28, 2006

Bizarro World of Strippers

I was reading recently on a chat board related to strip clubs. Clubs all around the country are represented and each club has a page where you can leave comments.

I used to go to the site now and then when I was frequenting clubs a lot. Both to find out about a new club, and to leave messages for specific dancers.

I don't visit the site anymore because it's not chat I'm interested in. Idiot neanderthal customers leaving crude messages - "which dancer here gives 'extras' " crap. Also, "What night does Crystal dance?" That sort of stuff.

Also, drama. Lots of drama. (And to quote Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas, from "My Humps", you don't want no drama. No no no no drama.) Dancers attacking each other over perceived insults, snubs, or unfair competition.

Which brought me to the site. One of my dancer friends was under attack. One of the attacks made me laugh. My friend was being ridiculed because she worked five days a week! "She works five days because she has to!"

Really now. In what bizarro world are you subject to public ridicule because you work five days a week? Can you even imagine that? Stripper world is upside down.

My advice to my friend was: screw 'em. That site is not going to make you extra bank. It's just drama. You're beautiful and a good dancer. Stay with your game and tune them out.

Hope it helped her.

Meanwhile, I'll go back to finishing out my own five day work week.
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