Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"How're they hanging?"

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I'm sure you've heard a guy ask another guy at some point in your life - "Hey dude, how's it hanging?"

It's just an expression. Because really, do you want to know how "it's" hanging? Some days well, some days - as any Seinfeld fan knows, there's shrinkage. If you must know.

And since you must know, I'll tell you more.

I'll tell you how they are hanging.

You know. The boys.

Most days that's an easy question. They're hanging tight. Drawn up close. With my scrotum so tight that there are no wrinkles and it appears to be one sac with singular contents.

But on rare days, very rare days, they hang loose! Given a certain combination of tight clothing and sitting still for a long time - resulting in a roasty toasty scrotal area - they're hanging way down. Heavy, loose, and wrinkly.

I really enjoy those brief moments. I feel like I really have a pair at those times. A huge pendulous pair, swinging free.

It happened this week. Hanging loose and relaxed. And, of course, I documented it.

For the brave of heart, you'll find 4 pics online:

- 1 drawn up tight sac shot
- 2 balls swinging free shots
- 1 balls straight on shot, just because I liked it.

- plus: 5 bonus underwear shots!

Brace yourself.

And then Go here, but not at work! It's NSFW.

album: How're they hanging
password: balls

Click on the pics individually or run the slideshow.

Enjoy. Hope you don't go blind.

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