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The Introduction of "Sir" - Part 2

You should read part 1, two posts below, before reading this. Really. Go now and come back.

...and, guided firmly by my hands, she moved to the edge of the bed. Compliant, excited, but clearly uncertain about where this came from and where it was going.

"How do you want me?", she asked as she started climbing on the bed. I stopped her.

"Bend over. Right here." I allowed her a moment to position pillows under her, but only a moment. And then I put my hand squarely in the middle of her back and bent her over myself. Standing, feet on the floor. Hips settled on pillows at the edge. Face into the mattress. She was positioned as I wanted her. Open. Receptive.

I squirted the liquid K-Y on my hand as I gazed down at her reddened cheeks. Nice. I stepped in behind her and, with my well-lubricated hand, reclaimed her pussy. Rubbing vigorously at first with my open palm along the length of her. Four wet fingers sliding against her clit. Not gently. With a purpose - to wet her sufficiently for

penetration. Two fingers, roughly inserted. Sawing. In and out. Hard and fast. My right forearm pressing down on her mid-back to maximize my leverage. My left hand knowing her. Two fingers fully in. Dragging back across her G-spot. (Yes, I can find it.) The heat of my erection burning into the back of her thigh. Two fingers became three. Knowing her. Gripping her. Preparing her for...

penetration. Balls deep in one stroke with my hard dick. Not gently, as before, with time to adjust. Insertion, straight in.

"ooof", she said forcefully into the mattress. A sound she would repeat relentlessly for the next half hour.

In and out. Rhythmic. Hard and fast.

"Ooof", she repeated. Her breath forced from her with each hard stroke.

I held onto her hips as I slammed into her. Raising her slightly off her feet onto her tiptoes. The front of her thighs pressed into the side of the mattress.

She moaned audibly when I reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked backward. Again when I held that clutch of hair in one hand and reached under her with the other to twist her nipple. Thrusting feverishly into her. In and out. Hard and fast. Silently.

Tiring, she offered a change.

"May I turn and face Sir?"

"You may not." On the contrary. I pushed harder against her, raising her off of her feet. Off balance. Splaying out her arms in an effort to grip the bed. Insertion, rapid and deep. Until her legs were trembling.

"Move", I said again. I flipped her over up onto the bed on her back. My cock hard as it's ever been, I spread her legs and climbed in the saddle with a swift insertion. Balls deep. And it's on, again. Hard and fast. My body hovering over her. Fucking aerobically. Commanding. Her hands moving all over me.

"This is very pleasing, Sir", she whispered as she was sucking on my nipple.

"It's not about your pleasure", I corrected sternly. "You will please me."

Silent again, she held her knees apart as I thrust into her. Rocking her into the mattress. Until I suddenly withdrew.

"Get your machine", I instructed as I left the room. As she repositioned herself longwise at the edge of the bed.

I went into the bathroom and washed my hard-on in the sink. To clean myself for her next task. When I emerged, I stepped up to the side of the bed near her head...

"Begin", I said to her as I pointed at her clit. As she applied the massager to her swollen mound, I cradled one hand behind her neck and brought my cock to her lips. I wanted her to cum with me in her mouth. And, with my other hand fingering her pussy below the massager, she did. Once. Twice. Three times. Shuddering hard. Muffled whimpers escaping her mouth around my cock. Trying to maintain a sucking motion and failing. But her mouth filled with cock, nonetheless.

Before she could fully recover I moved up onto the bed with her. Replacing the massager. Missionary, with her knees drawn up. Sliding into her openness.

"But, I wanted to suck on you some more."

"It's not about what you want. I decide what's next."

She was giddy, and all hands. And I was having none of that.

"Don't move", I whispered into her ear. "At all."

I stilled every movement. Of her hands. Of her hips. Every movement. Until the only sensation of movement she had was her pussy receiving me.

As I stroked into her, rhythmically and deeply, I pressed my cheek into her cheek. Not kissing. Not talking. Not acknowledging her at all. Just stroking.

"It's all about your pleasure, Sir", she whispered with her eyes closed - deep within herself.

And it was pleasurable. So very, very pleasurable.

Until, two hours into this and still very much in control, I suddenly withdrew for the last time.

"I've go to go!" I said as I exited the room - leaving her silent and motionless and completely relaxed on the bed.

I didn't cum for her. She hasn't earned that, yet.
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