Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wanna see what's inside?

Originally uploaded by Semi-Celibate Man.
To complete an unanticipated and atypical trilogy of posts about my dick, I think I'll participate in "Cock Blogging Wednesday".

I'm not totally sure what it is, but I'm game.

I'm unlikely to participate every Wednesday, so I'll just shoot my wad (literally and figuratively) here all at once.

It's graphic, and gooey, and definitely not work safe. Ladies, you may enjoy. Gentlemen, most of you may want to skip this post and move along.

Click here for a NSFW portfolio ( password: scm) of 9 graphic "package" pics that visually prove once and for all that I'm engaged in a three decade long affair with my member. My johnson. My tallywhacker. My....okay, you get the picture.

Now, off to the task of contriving a St. Patrick's Day HNT picture for tomorrow that contains green, per Os's instructions.
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