Friday, February 24, 2006

HNT After-effects: Roadside Pleasure

I have to say that I’m enjoying this Half-Nekkid Thursday picture posting party in the blogosphere. I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the comments on my casual pic that I posted yesterday. Thank you to all the delightful ladies, and one attractive gay man, who stopped by and said hi. Seems like you liked my legs and butt! I'll take it.

Actually, HNT gave me a little more pleasure than I was thinking it would. This might be Too Much Information (TMI), but I'll tell you the story of my Friday.

After surfing all of the comment links, and more on Osbasso’s site, last night I was eager to check in again today to see if there were more. I popped out for an early lunch, consisting of a completely unhealthy drive-through meal. I parked in a spot where I could snag some wi-fi and logged in again to surf. Not long. Just enough time to scarf a couple of artery-clogging burgers. But long enough to enjoy some pics. Cute pics. Funny pics. Sexy pics.

Sometimes I’m aroused when I’m surfing. Sometimes not. And today was an “am” day. Aroused. And as I headed back to work, a mischievous thought took over my brain.

I passed my work parking lot and headed out into the country. A mile was enough, down a country road hardly traveled. Empty in fact, late morning. A wide spot in the road was sufficient, and I pulled over.

Looking around, scanning panoramically, I relaxed. I reclined my seat. I unbuttoned and I unzipped. I slid jeans down slightly, not all the way off. I pulled out my already stiff shaft and I closed my eyes.

Stroking. My photographic memory providing me the slideshow.

Snippets of flesh. A peek of breasts. A hint of legs. Delicate body parts in shadows.

Stroking slowly, my hand circling my rock hard member. Stroking slowly, from base to tip and back. No hurry, but this wouldn’t take long.

Remembering. Pictures in my mind, one at a time.

Pic: Long legs in warm light. Nice.

Pic: Two hands, cradling and shielding two full breasts, fingers pinching pierced nipples.

Stroking. Silent in the car except for my increasingly heavy breathing.

Pic: Cute feet poking out of pink cotton PJ’s. Very nice.

Pic: A cute tushy and a strong but lithe back carved in stone. Classic. Nice.

Stroking….steadily but urgently. Ragged breathing now.

Pic: Eyes, beautiful green framed with flaming red hair. Enchanting.

Pic: Lingerie, crimson and sexy, feminine and revealing.


Pic: A delicious feminine ass in skin tight jeans with a bare back rising out of them. Sexy.

Hot, in fact.

Pic: Hair. Long and luxurious falling down a gently sloping back into hinted at curves.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Release. Full release, intense and hot, fragrant in the closed space.

I’ve come, there in the seat of my car on a country road. Not shooting or spurting, which would have been messy. Flowing more like. A lava flow. Contained in a pool trapped around the head by my thumb and my forefinger.

What to do now, with the liquid result of my solo sex? I hadn’t really planned for this. Nowhere to wipe my seed. How would I avoid a DNA stain on my upholstery? Hmmm. A couple of napkins from the fast food sack saved the day, and I cleaned myself up.

Satisfied, with a pleasurable glow from HNT. Thank you ladies. No disrespect intended. Only tribute.

Back at work. And, yes, I have washed my hands.
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