Wednesday, February 15, 2006


She was waiting for me. Prompted by my suggestion earlier in the day that it would be nice to "spend some time together".



She was patient, as I showered and groomed and prepared for her.

She was expectant, as she did the same and then entered the room that I had arranged just for her. Lighting just so. Music, romantic and up-tempo and inviting.

She was sexy, in the lingerie that she carefully chose for me. Not necessary, as her naked form is enticement enough - but appreciated still. For a short while, and then it was gone.

She was eager, from her own semi-celibate deprivation. Hungry, grasping, devouring.

"Slow", I whispered. "Let's start slowly."

I held her. I carressed her. I enjoyed and appreciated her with my fingetips. Slowly. Too slowly for her hunger.

I stilled her, as her tongue darted deeply into my mouth. "Lips only", I teased, taking us back to the very beginning. Reconnecting. Cradling her face firmly in my palm. Controlling the pace. Soft kisses, lips only. Taking my time - no rush.

Lips only. On her lips - tasting them and teasing them. On her neck, nibbling. In the hollow of her collar bone.

Fingertips tracing her sides, her hips, her breasts. Kissing all the while - lips only.

I love kissing. I am fulfilled, just from kissing. I am aroused, just from kissing. And my arousal, firm and hot and throbbing against her, became urgent.

"Now", I whispered and I moved insistently between her legs. Hovering over her. Poised at the entrance, but denying penetration. Rocking against her. Slightly into her, but stopping short. Rubbing just the engorged head against her opening. Feeling the wetness. Teasing. Feeling the heat. And...

kissing. Lips only. Continuously. Insistently. Feeling her lips with mine.

and rocking slowly. Teasing her open. An inch. Then out. An inch. Then out.

Until, suddenly, the heat and the wetness and the gloriously pleasant kissing took me over and...
DEEPLY I pushed. Fully inserted. Seeking. The rhythm changing to a race. Fast and hard and urgent and

explosive! Reconnected.

My lips sated, my focus moved. We moved - her on her back and me spooned into her side.

Whispering into her ear.

My fingertips seeking, exploring her wetness. Her hands clasped in my one. Her legs held captive by my strong legs.

Taking her in hand. My large hand completely covering her small softness. The flat of one finger dragged the full length of her slit, until my fingertip rested against her clit. Connected. Small circles. Firm pressure.

Then...taking us back to beginning after so many years....placing her hand on mine. "Show me", I whispered into her cheek.

Her hand moving mine. My fingers in the wetness. Hers on top of mine. THERE. RIGHT THERE. LIKE THAT. Me taking over. Learning. Commanding at the same time. Urgent. Panting....

Explosive! Once, twice, again....

Happy. Relaxed.

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