Wednesday, February 08, 2006

B.O.B. of the Month Club

I think I'm going to like this idea, the B.O.B. of the Month Club.

I like bringing pleasure to pretty girls. The pretty girls in question being the lovely strippers Passion and Spirit.

One Battery Operated Boyfriend (B.O.B.) per month. (Each? Probably) Personally selected by me. I get to enjoy shopping for them. They get to......well, you know.

I dropped by the club last week to drop off February's installment:

1. A magazine / DVD combo featuring porn starlet Brianna Banks. Why her? Because Passion and Spirit not only met her during a feature dance at another club, they got some amount of fondled by her stageside. They are still smitten with her, and this gift was met with pleasure shrieks.

2. Pocket Rocket: a must have for any collection. Small. Powerful. Concealable.

3. Clit Licker: a small, jelly, vibrating tongue that you put......well, you know. This one was a risk, maybe a little exotic, but I think it will be a hit. Time will tell.

I'm looking forward to hearing details about their use.

Now, I need to start thinking ahead to March. Any suggestions?
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