Friday, February 03, 2006

Two on a Toy

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So, I had an idea. It started with a gift.

I had this problem, you see, with a an inconvienient backpack. I've told the story before, elsewhere, of the bondage-in-a-bag. It was the result of one of my many shopping trips to adult toy stores during my business travel. On one particularly feverish shopping binge, I had purchased a couple of hundred dollars worth of bondage gear. A complete kit of high quality leather goods and accessories. Red leather wrist and leg restraints. Metal clips to attach them together. Ball gag. Rope (and eventually EMT scissors to cut it to various lengths!). A crop. A flogger. A book on bondage ettiquette and techniques. Oh, the fantasies that went through my head in the hour or two that I shopped for these goodies.

Within a day of making my purchases, those fantasies deflated. It was all for naught, as my partner would never go with this. It would be folly to even bring them home. All I would get would be a guilt trip. So, I exiled the toys into a backpack that I purchased and loaded and carried around in the trunk of my car. For five years. Unused. I decided to find a new home for my backpack, both from fear of being mistaken for a travelling rapist should I have a car accident and from a desire that someone should get some pleasure from them.

So, who to gift the naughty backpack to? I had a lot of ideas. Should I give it to a reader of my blog? There are a lot of kinky bondage or spanking blogs out there that I read. Surely one of them could put it to good use. How about a contest to win it?

A stop at my favorite strip club to say farewell brought the answer. Passion! A beautiful young lady with whom I had shared many intimately enjoyable times with in the club. She could find pleasure with the naughty backpack, I was sure of it. So, an offer. And an acceptance, with a hint that it might be shared with Spirit, the sex pixie. Ah, Passion and Spirit. Having experienced their skilled double-dance in the VIP, I knew that this was the answer.

So, I delivered the backpack to Passion - but not before adding three extra treats. A purple B.O.B. with both a vibrating and a twisting motion. A 18" purple jelly double dildo. And a stap-on set with two members. My special touch. If I can't have them, and I can't, maybe my toys can.

And I waited. For news. For erotic stories. Was pleasure sought from the gift? Had it been found? Solo, or in tandem? My imagination was feverishly working overtime.

Email brought me word that the purple B.O.B. was met with favor. Enjoyed frantically and frequently. As in "fucking the shit out of myself with it." Yes. I'm pleased.

A visit to the club this week, for a purpose, confirmed that more fun had been had. Not the leather goods, that was being worked up to. Likewise for the strap-on, soon maybe.

The double dildo, that was the hit of the package. Let me tell you, sitting at a table in the club - with the music thumping and dancers all around us - listening to Passion and Spirit giggling and describing to me the joys of "scissoring" with that new toy was beyond my wildest expectations. Mission accomplished.

They even named it after me, your humble eroticist. I'm honored.

I'm primed to hear the stories of further exploration of the naughty backpack.

And, you'll be pleased to know, a new idea was born. A B.O.B. of the month club, the reason for my return to the club. More about February's selection later. Stay tuned.

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