Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rite of Passage at the Toy Store

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Is it just me or are college kids - especially college girls - looking younger and younger? Okay, maybe not. I'm just getting older!

So, I'm standing near the door at the adult video store. Shopping for toys - as a gift. Almost done. I've made my selections and am on my way to check out. But wait. The door opens and in walks.....7 college kids.

How do I know they're college kids. Because the store is right next to a college. And they're kids. (There I go again.)

7 college kids. 4 guys and 3 girls. What's up with that? 7 friends? 3 couples plus a random guy? And why are they here as a group. I don't remember that particular rite of passage when I was in college back in the dark ages.

The girls are cute and quiet. Not giggly like it's their first time in. Not all dolled up. Hidden, kind of, in long coats and hoodies. Perusing the merchandise with a seriousness. Hot.

The guys are.....who cares. They're guys.

Back to the girls: suddenly I'm not in a hurry to leave. My Girl-Dar is going off. Seeing one cute girl in an adult store is exciting. Suddenly there are three. Wandering about the place. Perusing. Selecting. Touching things. Hot.

They start at the toys, of course. All shapes and sizes of phallic delights. Jelly. Cyberskin. Vibrating. Such choices.

I position myself steathily across the store and watch them shop. Just their presence in the place is sexy. I listen as they glide about. Toys. Magazines. Videos. A soft spoken "is that the 6" realistic ..." Very sexy.

Enough visual fodder. My imagination works on me as I drive away, purchase in hand.

Will their purchases be used tonight?

As a group? Or as couples?

Will the girls share what they bought? (Let me pause for a minute on that.......okay, I'm back.)

Maybe they didn't make it out of the store right away. Maybe they all went back to the video booths for some mix and match mystery glory hole blowjobs.

And what was up with the extra guy? Double penetration in dorm room 310?

Cute girls with toys. Works for me. Lucky guys.

So, who was I buying the toys for? Good question. And it's a good story....for next time.

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