Friday, January 27, 2006

The Cutest Clerk

Amy Smart
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So, is it wrong of me to lust wantonly after my video store clerk?

There she is each time I enter. A demure and pretty young lady that's easily a quarter of a century my junior.

A scarily exact clone of the sexy actress Amy Smart. Long straight pale blonde hair spilling down on her frail shoulders. Beautiful.

Petite. Quiet. Cute. Charming. And so very young. Oh, what I could teach her.

She's radiant as she smiles and offers me (and every other mook who enters, but mostly me) a juanty hello. Hi video girl. What? Late fees? Of course, I'll pay. Just keep smiling that smile at me.

And best of all - she never, ever, raises an eyebrow of judgement at me when I return a cheesy R-rated T&A flick mixed in with the kid flicks and the new releases. Thank you for your discretion, video girl.

See you next week. With my late fees in hand.
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