Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"My Dick is So Big...."

Speaking of my dick, which I did in my last post, and which I seem to be having an affair with:

I was driving to work the other day listening to Sirius satellite radio. I needed some laughs, so I tuned in a little "Raw Dog" - comedy uncensored - and there was a comedian reading a list of 101 "My dick is so big...." jokes. I couldn't even get out of the car, I was laughing so hard.

Here's 5 of them that I remembered:

My dick is so big that movie theaters sell popcorn in small, medium, large, and My Dick.

My dick is so big that it has an elbow.

My dick is so big that I'm already fucking a girl tomorrow.

My dick is so big that NASA launched a probe to find the tip.

My dick is so big that they're selling a sneaker called "Air My Dick".

I googled it and found the whole list here.

Anyone want to take a stab at filling in the blank?

My dick is so big that ________________
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