Monday, March 06, 2006

$20 Ho?

It was interesting to see the song from "Hustle and Flow" win the Ocsar last night.

I saw the movie and enjoyed it. It was well done and different enough from the normal fare to be interesting. It's about a Memphis pimp (hustle) who tries to change his life by making it big in rap music (flow).

The most interesting scene to me came when the main character - the pimp in question - was sitting in his car with his "primary investor" - his skanky corn-rowed blonde "ho" - waiting for customers to drive by and do business. "Like what you see? You can have her. $20 in the front, $40 in the back."

Wow. The first thing that crossed my mind was: "Really? I could get a ho for $20? Where?"

Of course, reason kicked in and all of the rational thoughts followed. Yeah, but it's creepy. Unseemly. Unhealthy. Immoral. Demeaning to women. An STD fest.

But my first thought, without a doubt was: "I could get a ho for $20?"
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