Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ballroom Beauties

I'm not too macho to admit it: the sexiest show on TV lately involves.........ballroom dancing.

I'm talking about "Dancing with the Stars". Gorgeous celebrities and professional dancers in slinky dresses shaking their hips with some latin sizzle.

Tell me Stacey Kiebler's Rumba tonight in that tasseled dress wasn't white hot sexy.

And Cheryl, Drew Lachey's partner, was smoking last week in the cowgirl getup and again tonight in the Jive. Smoking hot.

I think it's those dresses that are so revealing and so low cut in the back. Plus Stacey's long luscious legs. Wow!

I taped tonight's show and will probably watch Stacey's dance a few more times.

All this after getting hot and bothered by Tanith Belbin, the U.S ice dancer in the Olympics.

I need March Madness to get here soon to macho back up with some hoops fever.
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