Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March B.O.B's

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Has it been a month already? I guess so, because I dropped by my favorite strip club to deliver the March editions of the B.O.B.-of-the-Month club to two beautiful dancers.

No dances. No stage shows. Just B.O.Bs. My treat, my pleasure.

Two sexy girls. Two toys each!

A realistic dong, vibrating no less, and a porn DVD for one lovely lady.

Some vibrating panties and a psychadelic vibrator - waterproof with a silent motor and a G-spot curve, for her semi-naked dance twin.

Imagine, if you will, the enjoyment I had in shopping for these two. To select the appropriate toys that would bring them pleasure.

Imagine the challenge of selecting the right DVD for a young lady with whom I've never been intimate. What would she like? Couples? All-girl? Interracial? Orgies? I took my time and selected a 6-hour couples DVD from Digital Sin featuring porn starlet "Teagan". It would be both appropriate and raw with quality filming. Was I right? "I'm all about the penetration, baby", she said as she squealed when she got it! I was right.

It was tough leaving the club and these two with no dances. Very tough.

Just to let you how much I'm giving up, let me give you a memory of the last time I was with these two in the VIP dance area for a red-hot double dance:

Passion - a tall beautiful girl with a smoldering passion that would crush most people.

Spirit - a blonde sex pixie with a delicious naughty energy.

Two sexy girls, one on each arm, walking me to the VIP, with props from the DJ. Two delightfully curvy bodies pressed against me on the couch as we waited for our songs. And then a double-dance burned into my memory.

Standing astride me as the music begins thumping, each straddling a knee. Hot breath into each ear. Synchronized, pressing their breasts into me and into each other. Slowly, in turn, tasting a proffered nipple inches from my feasting eyes.

Passion reclining against me as Spirit knelt to tease and tend to her nether regions. My fintertips touching, tracing, memorizing Passion's soft skin as Spirit's teasing touch turned her breath ragged. Sharp intakes of breath telling me that the touch below was not being simulated. Switching them, with Spirit reclining on me and Passion returning the favor. My fingertips dancing lightly along Spirit's sides and hips.

Synchronized again, standing over me at each side facing away. Bending at the hip to tease me with a backside view of nude cookies - fingertips tapping on clits. Oh yeah. Very nice.

Improvising in the second song. Passion bending Spirit over doggy style into my lap and humping her vigorously from behind. Spirit panting loudly for my pleasure. Flipped around then, for Passion's turn at a pounding.

Wow. It was professional. It was sexy. It was memorable. Thank you ladies.

That's what I've given up. It's tough.

Oh well. If I can't have them, my BOB's can. Enjoy!

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