Sunday, March 12, 2006

Through the Gap

When I'm out in public, I tend to see women in two ways:

- Compositionally. With a photographer's eye. My mind's eye does the cropping for me, and I see parts. Moments. Highlights.

- Appreciatively. I just enjoy feminine beauty. Yes, of course, it might be a well sculpted derriere. But it may also be her hand, her neck, and definitely her hair.

And that's how I saw her as I boarded the plane.

Asian. Petite. Mid to late 20's. Shy and demure. Hiding behind her long, straight, black hair and her glasses.


"I think you have my seat", I said - as non-threateninly as I could.

She grasped for her boarding pass. Checked the seat number. Checked the overhead markers.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry", she muttered as she grabbed her pack and moved one seat up.

I settled in directly behind her, as she continued to apologize - in that way that women often do - and I promptly forgot her.

Until.....a half hour before landing when I tried to sleep. I leaned my head against the curved wall of the window seat. And there, through the gap in the seat, she was - just inches from me - doing the same thing.

The curve of the wall and the line of the seat did the cropping for me. Just her hair. Long and luxurious and fine. Jet black. Clean and fragrant. Each long strand distinct. With the ends sweeping down and splaying out across her impossibly petite shoulder in a soft blue wool sweater.

The evening sun poured in through the window providing the perfect aspen glow light, almost stroking her hair.

I almost gasped, it was so breathtaking.

I stayed in that way, not moving and not sleeping, for the duration of the flight.

Enjoying not her, but that portion of her that was offered to me. Pure feminine beauty.

It was very visually sensual. Erotic of course, but not necessarily sexual. I didn't want to jump her bones. I didn't even want to get off.

I just wanted to see what I was seeing inches from me for as long as I could. Beauty.

It would have made a great picture. And I'll remember it in my mind's eye.
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