Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Introduction of "Sir"

I was inspired.

Inspired by my need. By my newly found assertiveness.

Inspired by Desireous and the lady bloggers that I read that appreciate when their man takes charge.

Inspired by a question posed back-when by Passion, a lovely dancer on my lap mid-dance. "Do you like to make love or to fuck?"

Three decades as a sensitive lover said the answer was to make love. That was then. This was a new day.

I wanted to fuck.

"Get home. Now." was my simple voicemail. Very effective, I thought as she soon entered the house and went into the bathroom.

She emerged wet, in a towel. This will work, I thought as I steeled myself for the task at hand.

I pulled her to me and kissed her. Deeply. Passionately. Firmly. Like I owned her. We stood toghether in a full body hug. Me - fully clothed in business attire. Her - open to me beneath the towel.

As she warmed up, I stopped her. I took her hand and placed it on the front of my slacks. On my undeniable hardness.

"You kept him waiting, you know".

"I did?"

"There is, of course, a punishment for that."

"Oh, yeah? Am I going to get spanked?" It was a rhetorical question - she never had been spanked before. But today was a new day.

I lead her to the end of the bed and draped her over my knee. As I folded the towel up, exposing her beautiful bottom, I asked:

"Ten swats will be your punishment, young lady, for your infraction. Hold still, please".

SMACK! Firm. Right on target.

"Ow! Can I have another", she said. Startled and delighted.

"You may count them for me."

SMACK! The other cheek initiated.

"That's two", she said - head down into the mattress.

"Two, Sir!" I responded.

"That's two, sir", she echoed.

She was open to me, and I explored. A finger dipped down into her slit. God she was wet. Dripping. Open.

I invaded her rudely with one finger as I rubbed her reddening cheek with the other. Rapidly in and out. Pausing to tweak her clit. Relishing in the moans.

I reached under her with my left hand as I maintained penetration with my right. I found her breast and pinched her nipple between my thumb and my forefinger.

SMACK! as promised. More fingers invading. Rough and insistent. Owning. More smacks at my pace, as I saw fit.

She was giggly at first and playing as if it were a game. "Oh, I've been a bad girl". Giggles. But soon, she sensed my resolve and got lost in what my hands were doing.

"What is the count?"

"I've lost count, sir", she moaned.

"That's five, sir", I commanded.

"Five, sir", she echoed.

I continued. Penetrating. Massaging. Deeply. Intrusively. Insistently.

She was squirming now. Bucking against my hold. So I increased my control. My left arm across her back pinning her to the mattress. My hand against the back of her head holding it down. My legs entwinning and pinning hers. And my fingers probing her wetness. Three fingers jammed into her. Opening her up for me.

Pleased, as I watched the white flesh of her ass redden slightly.

She was pushing back against me now. Straining for release. Unable to move or obtain it for herself. Recognizing that the dynamic had changed.

SMACK! The room echoed with the sound of my hand, and I waited.

"Ten, sir". And I stopped.

"Move", I commanded calmly. I stood her up and walked her over to a chair that put her head at my waist level.

Silently, with one hand cupping her chin, I undressed and exposed my engorged erection to her.

"Open", I instructed. She did. "Hold your tongue out." She did. And, as she looked up at me with curious eyes, I rested the head of my cock on her tongue.

She tried to take me in, but I stilled her. "Wait", I said - allowing her to feel the weight of me on her tongue. Until I was ready to proceed - and I entered her mouth. Standing above her, with a view of her long beautiful hair, watching her sucking on me greedily. I reached down and pinched a nipple again as she sucked. Distracting her. Treating her roughly.

I allowed her some time to work. Watching my length disappear between her lips.

As she was getting into a rhythm, I stopped and withdrew. I put my hands on the side of her head and tilted it up to look at me.

"Do you want it back?"

"I do, sir."

"Say 'May I' ", I instructed her.

"May I?", she said compliantly.

"You may. Open".

Again I entered her mouth, my hands still holding her head. Gently, but insistently, I began fucking her mouth.

She took me in. Again, she met my rhythm. Again, eventually, I stopped and withdrew.

I stood her up and pulled her to me. I kissed her deeply, one hand squeezing a breast and the other gripping her ass. And then I moved her again. Back to the bed.

"Get some K-Y", I said firmly.

Thirty minutes had passed, and I was just getting started.....
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