Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Willy Sees the Light of Day

Lyrics, from a song recorded by my man Jimmy Buffett:

Sometimes you feel like you live too long
Days drip slowly on the page
You catch yourself
Pacing the cage

I can relate to that lately. I don't know if you can or not.

Sometimes I feel like everything is a crisis. Sometimes I feel like the days are just passing me by. Sometimes I feel both ways on the same day.

How do I feel today? As the song says:

Sometimes the best map will not guide you
You can't see what's round the bend
Sometimes the road leads through dark places
Sometimes the darkness is your friend

Speaking of the road - I find relief there lately in an odd way. I have very little privacy at the moment. Not only am I not getting any, I don't even have opportunity for ..... relief. I've found it where I can find it, which is roadside mid-day. The photographic evidence is in the same place the last graphic "package" pics were posted, in this NSFW photo album:

album: Roadside Self-Love
password: scm

Enjoy. As best I could, I did.

Probably TMI. But, it is what it is.

Sorry Jimmy, for tainting your poignant song with a post about my penis pics.
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