Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Where was I? What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. That new thing.

Ladies, you're right. I was teasing a little with my last post. Because that new thing is about teasing.

It all goes back to one little fact that I've read several times now, and paid attention to, about women. I think I first read it in a little red book with a title something like "How to give a woman an orgasm every single time". I think. Anyway, that fact is:

All of the nerve endings in the vagina are within the first half inch of the opening.

So, it makes sense to me that if you are going to tease there with your fingers, that's where you should do it.

That new thing is, I'm sure, not a new thing to everyone. Only to our repertoire.

It started with her using a vibrator on her clit. Which, by the way, with her is not a gaurantee of an orgasm. She has a very difficult time achieving orgasm by herself, even with vibration. Really. I should write a post on that sometime.

What helps is my presence. What really helped was my new thing, which was this:

Imagine focusing all or your sexual energy and effort and movement all into the one square inch that is the fleshy pad of your fingertip of your middle finger.

Now apply a light touch with your finger flat along the length of her wet slit. Your finger which is approximately a half inch deep. Now tease, up and down the length of her slit without penetration. Pressing against her vaginal opening with that flat fleshy fingertip, yes. But not penetrating. Teasing only. Stay outside where the nerves are. Focus entirely, with all of your will and passion, on that first half inch of depth. Ignore entirely that voice in your brain urging you to penetrate! Tease. At the opening, but not in.

As long as it takes.

Through at least 3 leg trembling orgasms in our case.

With "that was really good" as your reward. :)
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