Monday, June 19, 2006

Cloning a Sex Toy: Take 2

So I've been wondering if anyone's been checking out the 35 or so nekkid "package" pics that I've posted out on a photo site ( I've gotten a few nice comments on them, but not many. No news is good news? How many lurkers are there, I wondered.

Then I realized that I get emailed picture view stats every week that were getting caught in my bulk filter. I checked it out. 472 image views last week. Cool! My exhibitionism rewarded.

Okay lurkers. Which one did you like best? (Album and picture) All of the albums have the same password now (scm), if you want to go look again.

Just to spice it up, I posted a new album. It's of my second try to create a vibrator from the "Clone-a-Willy" kit.

If you remember from my first post, I found it difficult to maintain an erection whilst trying to mix the appropriate chemicals at the appropriate temperature and get it all in within the 2 minute time that the mold sets up. TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

Same result second time. I thought I could pull it off now that I knew all the steps. Nope. Same semi-soft condition on mold penetration. A little better, but not the fully stiff toy I'd hoped for. Oh well. I tried. Twice.

I thought I'd post a couple of pics of both toys plus said member, both in the semi-soft state that ultimately entered the tube and the solid erection I had a minute before that! (It's not a huge difference - pardon the pun - just a firm difference) You guys decide how I did. By the way, the white plastic vibrator part is 6 inches.

Pics are at:
album: Cloned Toys
password: scm

Let me know what you think.

Now. What to do with the toys?
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