Friday, June 30, 2006

July BOBs - with a payoff at the end

So, I stopped into my favorite strip club last night.

No lapdances. No stageshows.

Just some delightful chat with my favorite two lovely young strippers.

A wicked smile from Passion when she saw me come in. A delighted squeal from the other when Passion whispered in her ear "He's here - it's toy night!"

Regular SCE readers will know that one of my small pleasures in life has been establishing a B.O.B (Battery Operated Boyfriend)-of-the-month club. First with Passion - a tall, beautiful, and sultry redhead. I added Spirit - the sex pixie - for a while, before she moved off to another life. Now replaced by the new girl.

The new girl - let me describe her for you, although I can't properly do her or Passion justice with my mere words. The new girl is a tall blonde, with big sexy blonde hair. Nice. Deeply tanned luscious skin richly adorned with colorful ink. Exotic. Remarkably pretty with a radiant easy-as-butter smile and sweet almost-Southern charm. Small pert breasts, just right, and a killer tush. An awesomely pretty girl. And a talented stripper.

Let me call her Sunshine, for her radiant smile and high wattage blonde hair.

So there I was, at a table talking with Passion and Sunshine. A privelege, let me tell you, which I deeply enjoy and appreciate. Two pretty girls in the dark spending time with me. Fake, I know. A transaction, I know. But nice.

"Hi Sunshine", I said as she sat. "How are you".

Big smile. "Well", she said slowly with her radiant smile widening. "Ever since I enrolled in your little club, Ive been much better!" Ahhhh, a satisfied recipient of my sex-toy largesse. "You have NO IDEA". Sunshine told me that she's had to close her windows so her neighbors wouldn't be disturbed by her frequent, vocal, pleasure derived from her new toys. That makes me happy!

I fished for details from last months gifts. Product reviews, if you will. Passion liked her "Wave" vibe, with soft rubber ridges, which she said worked best rubbed across her clit. Sunshine LOVED her G-spot shaped Doc Johnson special. Not at first. But after she figured out how the shape worked - gangbusters! "I found my G-spot!"

"Was the motor powerful", I asked. Smiling - "Yes"

"Was the motor quiet", I asked. Bigger smile - "Yes"

"Was it waterproof", I asked. "Oh yes".


Okay, for the July BOB's.

For Passion - by request from her - the above pictured Vivid products Briana Banks stap-on with a blue 8" gel dong.

It appears that Passion and Sunshine get together outside of the club.

"It has vacu-loc", I pointed out, "so it will stay on". Passion smiled and looked at Sunshine. "Now I can fuck you as hard as I want".

Okay, now my brain was melting imagining that.

For Sunshine I went in a surprise direction. She has two penetration toys now. She needed, in my expert opinion, a massager for the external stimulation of her clit. Hence, my choice of the Con-air massager from Walgreens. It works remarkably well by itself, or in tandem with one of the penetration vibes.

"Use that attachment pictured on the box", I said. "Your eyes will roll back in your head".

Sunshine squealed with delight. Music to my ears.
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