Thursday, July 27, 2006

Naked in Nature

I needed to sleep. But the relentless storm hammering my little dome tent was making it difficult.

Amazing, that just a couple of nights in the outdoors is all it takes to make you realize how disconnected you are from nature in most of our waking lives. Most nights, at home, a storm like this would hardly make a dent in my awareness. I'd just turn up the TV a little louder.

But out here it's all encompassing. Laying on the air mattress and staring up at the thin fabric that separates you from the hostile elements. The thunder, deep and ominous as it makes its way closer to you in the dark of the night. The lightning instantly piercing my retinas. The wind rising and falling and blowing up the tent like a balloon. The gully-washer rainstorm that's blowing horizontally and threatening to pour in under the rainfly.

I needed to sleep. To distract myself from the primal show of force nature was putting on for me.

I knew what would work. What would both distract me and put me off to sleep.

I lay still first, naked on my air mattress. Confident that no one would approach my tent in the mayhem. Letting my mind drift to whatever images would come. And slowly, eventually, they came. Random images of female beauty from my daily encounters. And then, just one image.

A young lady. Not ladylike, in her setting. Femininity hidden in a masculine factory job. A hard look at first glance. Small, almost invisible in the large space. 5 foot max. Short haircut. Dirty t-shirt. Strong arms. Jeans and work boots. And a rockin' ass in those work jeans.

That's all I needed. Just the image of her ass as I passed by her.

I thought of her as I began stroking myself. My mind quietly turning over that image, in contrast to the storm raging outside. Seeing her work. Silently. Always silently.

Would she be that way in bed? Silent. Busy, but silent? Submissive?

It didn't take long. Imagining the scenario. Picturing her kneeling between my legs. Sucking me in as I stroked her hair and looked down her back to that petite little ass.....

Ahhhhhhhh. Climax.

And sleep.

Let the storm rage.
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