Saturday, July 29, 2006

Double Feature Night

Best line in "You, Me, and Dupree" is Owen Wilson to Matt Dillon:

"Hey, it's hard when you have to throw away your porn collection."

Been there, done that. Several times.

Terrible movie, by the way. Despite starring one of the sexiest actresses on film - Kate Hudson. She's luminous and natural and funny and cute and charming and giving and awe-inspiring.

At least she is at the beginning of the movie. What is it with Hollywood lately that they think an interesting movie consists of taking a happy couple and making them argue for two hours. It didn't work for me with the lovely Jennifer Anniston in "The Breakup" - a truly awful movie - and it absolutely didn't work for me here.

Here's a tip for movie writers. That smiling, happy, sexy Kate Hudson at the beginning of the movie is the Kate Hudson I want to see. The crying, sad, disappointed, bickering Kate Hudson near the end of the movie is not. It's not rocket science. More sexy, less bickering is the right formula to earn my box office dollars. You guys owe me a refund.

So, bummed out by this turkey movie, I stuck around hoping to find a laugh in "John Tucker Must Die". A passably funny movie for the teen set. But, I felt really old in the crowded theater chock full of giggling teen girls. Really old.

Are there any good comedies out there at all anymore?
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