Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Naughty Favor to Ask

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What must it be like to know that people want to fuck you?

Recently I observed a young lady who must have had that feeling. She walked in - cute, with two scoops of luscious ass filling the extra tight jeans. The solo female in an all male environ, she stopped the room cold and turned 100 men into lusting fools. She had to know, although she didn't show it, that every man in that room wanted her. What must that be like?

I want to know. I want to be an object of lust.

I get a little taste of it each week with the comments in the HNT. But I want more.

So readers, new and familiar alike, here's the favor I'm asking: Lust after me. And write me to tell me about it.

I propose these steps, if you are so inclined:

1. Get worked up! I have the photo site with approx 35 penis pics out there. ( password to any album = scm). Go see them, for the first time or again. See them all. Linger. View the slideshow for each album. Take in the texture. The cum shot. The veiny landscape.

2. Pick a picture to lust after or to create a fantasy around.

3. Send me an email at Either:

- use your regular email account. or

- be anonymous by sending your story from a yahoo account I set up just for this: Go to yahoo mail. Login = scmfantasy, password = semicelibate

4. Tell me which pic or album you've chosen

5. Write me a hot, steamy, erotic, pornographic, graphic, detailed story about one of the following:

- what fantasy my penis pic inspires

- how you want to fuck me

- how you want me to fuck you

Details, people. Paint me a vivid unmistakeable word picture. Stretch yourself. Embarass yourself. But most of all, make me an object of your lust. Let me feel your heat.

I won't reply. It's a one-way conversation this time only. You don't have to worry about how I'll react or respond. Tell me, I'll enjoy it, we're done.

That's my favor. It would be immensely helpful to my frustrated semicelibate self. You have no idea. And, hopefully it will benefit you as well.

Okay, you have your assignment.

Update: I love the submissions I've gotten so far. (emphasis on "submission") More please. Lay it on me. Whips and chains, or candlelight and bubble baths. Tell.........

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