Thursday, March 18, 2010

Her, Him, and Me: Action!

I arrived at my / our hotel room ahead of them, and was sitting in the desk chair with my head down. Lots of thoughts going through my head. Was this really going to happen? Had my Cialis dose, just taken, kicked in yet? Who was going to direct the action? Would it go like She had written?

"I would love to watch some man give him a great blow job....and I would love to be pleasured by 2 men."

My nervous ramblings were interrupted when she burst through the propped open door and saw me sitting there.

"Are you praying?" Spunky, this one. Good sign.

I moved straight to Her and wrapped Her up in a hug. "Can I have a kiss", I asked - taking one before She answered.

"A kiss", I asked again, "before He gets a treat?"

"Oh, He's not ready for that yet." Okay, now I have some direction. Focus on Her.

He sat on the end of the bed as we stood, Her facing Him between His knees. He was undressing Her as I stroked Her bare shoulders with my fingertips. Some nervous chatter between them. "Are you okay, baby", He asked checking with Her. "I'm good. I don't know why I am so nervous."

Because there was chemistry, that's why. The situation was hot!, and She was heavy-breathing because of it. Heavy sexual tension in the room.

Back and forth we turned Her. Facing Him, kissing Him. Facing me, kissing me. Back to Him. Back to me. I cradled Her face in my hands and kissed her gently. "I like to kiss", I whispered into Her sweet tasting lips. Back to Him.

We stripped to our underwear and the three of us climbed onto the king-sized bed together with Her sandwiched between us. All hands and kissing. Her getting attention from both sides. Lips on Her neck. My hands cupping Her full breasts straining against Her crochet-bra. Fondling and squeezing. Sounds of heavy breathing filling the air.

Hands roaming, He and I found Her pussy at the same time and shared er with our fingers. Him on her clit, me with fingers stroking into her very wet slit. Establishing a rythym. Reverse that, with me finding Her clit through the meaty folds of Her lips and Him thrusting his fingers. Kissing him. Kissing me. Double teaming Her pussy with our busy fingers until She had the first of many eye-rolling orgasms!

He moved down to replace His fingers with His mouth, while I stayed laid along side Her feeling her up. Kissing her deeply. Sucking in Her ample nipples. Still rubbing Her clit while he sucks on her.

"I've got to have her", He says. He moves up to the missionary position and strokes into Her while I'm still snuggled against Her side. A couple, fucking, up against me. Awesome! I'm reaching between them and still rubbing Her clit while He's stroking into Her vigorously. Pumping into Her with His eyes closed. Breathing on me as I turn Her head to me and kiss her. Her moaning coming against Her lips as she cums again. But not Him. He has stamina, this one who is 15 years younger than me.

We move. He pulls Her up sideways on the bed into doggy style and plunges back into Her from behind. I'm standing next to the bed at Her head. She reaches out as She's rocking back and forth to feel my erection straining through my boxer briefs and helps me get them off. Yes! A solid boner pops out and She pulls me into Her mouth.

As Her warm wet mouth envelopes me, I take in the scene. Him, on his knees taking her from behind and looking at me. Her, on all fours with her long beautiful hair framing her lovely face as she sucks on me. Me, standing and feeding my cock into Her mouth as I stroke on Her silky hair. Wow. Bliss.

She flips over on her back and He stays upright between her legs, fucking into Her. She turns Her head sideways and takes me back in Her mouth as we continue to double-fill Her from each end.

He falls forward into missionary position, which puts His head right with Hers and, next thing I know, they are both sucking my cock. Her below, Him above. Sharing me. Hot! I'm game, and I feed them both for a short while.

"Put a rubber on" he whispers while they change again. He lies on his back longwise on the bed. She lays on her back crosswise with Her head in his lap. I grab a regular Trojan that I had put on the bedside table and struggle to get it on. Damn things! I'm not good at condoms, and have a moment of a comedy of errors. I manage to get it on, and apply a little lube from a little bottle that I bought and brought. (I'm used to using a lot of lube, although it turns out She doesn't need any!) As I'm climbing back in with her, I manage to spill the lube bottle all over the bed! Quite a puddle! Oh well, laughing during sex is good.

I move into position between Her legs to fuck Her while she takes His cock in her mouth. I tried anyway. Oh no! It's not happening. Between the nerves of the moment, the Cialis not kicked in fully, and the tight condom the firm erection that I had during sucking disappeared for fucking. Not going to happen. I know clearly that I'm not going to get off, and that's okay this time. I'm going to be into pleasing them.

I slid down the bed and made myself comfortable eating Her delicious pussy, as He laid beside Her jacking off. Yum. Wet and tasty. Tugging on those meaty lips that I had felt earlier with my lips. Running that flat of my tongue firmly against her opening, pushing slowly in. Reaching up to caress and squeeze and slap! Her tits while I am sucking Her clit into my mouth. Until She was bucking against my face in a long and strong climax. Yes!

I wasn't done there though, and I began my assualt on Her pussy again. This time I didn't leave Him out. As I was licking Her steadily, I reached out and replaced His hand with my hand on his cock. Jacking Him off slowly in time to my sucking. Nice! He has a nice thick cock with a good 7" length or so, and it felt great in my hand. I made sure that She could see me, and soon both of them were moaning and kissing.

She was the focus though, and several more orgasms were had before we changed positions again. Multi-orgasmic does not begin to describe this delightful young lady. He is a lucky man in that regard. I was too, for this short time.

Three more positions come to mind.

- Him lying on his back. Her upright riding on top of him. Me, standing on the bed and touching the ceiling with one hand to steady myself as I feed my cock into Her mouth with the other. Hard enough to suck on. Enoying the feeling and the sight.

- Him still lying on her back. Her on all fours sideways to Him, sucking his cock. Me behind her, spanking Her delectable ass before I semi-mount Her from behind. Sawing my fingers in and out of her cunt from behind, as I kiss and suck her neck. Taking His cock out of her mouth and putting it in mine. Sucking Him deeply in as he thrusts up to meet me. God it feels good in my mouth. Hitting the back of my throat with his thick head as She's licking along His shaft.

- Finishing in a Her-sandwich. Him behind her, spooning into Her. Me, spooning into Her front in a lover's embrace. Kissing her passionately as I'm feeling her body with my roaming hands. Moving down to rub her clit while he's fucking her, and realizing that he's pushed into Her ass. Cupping Her clit against my palm as I jam two fingers into Her pussy. Feeling his cock in her ass through the membrane. His turn to cum, he pounds into her ass as I am loving kissing her. With a grunt, He pulls out and cums on Her ass. "Is it good, baby" She coos to Him as I'm kissing trails down her neck. It's good.

I'm not quite done yet.

As He heads into the bathroom to wash up, I push Her on her back and spread Her legs. "You get to come again", I say as I dive back in to lick Her pussy some more. Still wet. Still warm. Delicious. I take my time and She warms up to it again. "Oh my God" She moans, and works Her way back to a bed-shaking thigh-clamping super orgasm. How many has She had now!

Now we're done. She goes into the bathroom to clean-up and dress, leaving He and I in the main room to do the same. Could be awkward.

"Thanks for sharing", I say to Him.

"Thanks for helping", he answers.

I'm sitting back in the desk chair with my head down again when She comes out of the bathroom.

"What are you thinking", She asks.

"Dear Penthouse Forum...." I say. That gets a laugh.

And I get a last kiss. Some quick promises to get together again, and they're out.

I laid on the bed for a while to re-live it in my mind. And to, um....take care of myself. Cleaned up the room, and then I'm out too.

A fantasy fulfilled, in a big way! Thank you to Her and Him.

Turns out, it wasn't a one-time thing...
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