Friday, December 22, 2006

A Year in Pictures

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It's almost been a year now that I've written this particular blog, and I'm not done yet by any means. It's been a both a pleasure and a learning experience for me. Who knew that I was such an exhibitionist? Not me.

As I was sorting through pictures last night, stuck in an airport and preparing for HNT this week, I stopped on this picture - never posted before. I think it says it all about me this year. Constant travel. Exposing myself to all of you, pictorially and with my stories.

I've gotten to meet, virtually online of course, some truly wonderful people this year. And I wish all of the best Holiday wishes to each of you.

If you have time to read this holiday season, I've changed the settings on this blog to make all of the posts available on this page. Just scroll down and read to your hearts content. Or, start at the beginning and scroll up.

I'll be around to do the same with yours, I hope.

Last thing: sorry about the bedspread. They do wash those things, don't they? :)
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