Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Two # 2's

An alert reader has pointed out that I left out a #2 on my "6 weird sexual things" list in the last post!

To make up for that omission, I offer two #2 weird sexual things about SCM:

First #2: Strippers have never gotten me off in a strip club, but have gotten off on me. (Dry hump grinding over my clothes in a 1/2 hour dance setting.) And no, they weren't faking.

Second #2: I carried a backpack around in my car for 5 years that was stuffed with high quality kinky leather bondage gear. Red leather. The product of an intense shopping spree at an adult book store. I never had the opportunity to use any of it. I finally gave it away to a lovely stripper, because I was worried about getting pulled over by the police and it being interpreted as a "rape kit".

I wrote about it back on my DanceFan blog in the post "Bondage in a Bag".

Okay, does this make up for my omission?
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