Monday, November 27, 2006


There. Just now. That twitch, that slightest muscle twitch in my dick that lets me know it's there. That feels....


There are days, most days in fact, when I'm not particularly aware of my dick. Oh yes, of course late at night when I settle in intentionally to get off. Then, yes, I make myself aware of my cock. But during the day? No. It stays in place. Silent. Asleep almost. Unfeeling.

Not tonight. It feels.....


There is a window, a timeframe, where this "awareness" of my dick happens. Not when I'm getting off regularly - no, then it's satisfied and sleeps during the day. Not when I haven't gotten off for weeks - then it forgets how to wake. The window is 3 to 4 days of not getting off.

In that window of time, I become acutely aware of my cock.

That twitch tells me it's there. The feel of a muscle roused to action. Every visual cue, every sight of a beautiful woman, every scent of perfume, every soft feminine giggle causes a twitch.

That twitch that is the precursor to an erection. That twitch that starts the blood flow. That twitch that makes it feel....


And I know it's there. There are signs, that inform me - like the constant precum stain on my briefs from the frequent arousal.

It's a pleasant feeling. A feeling that I want to linger. A twitch that I could allow to come to fullness. That I could satisfy. But, what's the rush?

When I recognize it, the feeling of thickness, I indulge it tantrically. For hours. Secretly.

Recently on the road for example. I felt alive. I felt sexual. I felt...............thick with sustained arousal, but not erection. That thickness guiding my mind. Choosing my clothes - jeans, commando. Walking. Shopping. Observing - a ponytail here, a shapely derriere there, long sensuous hair and makeup and lips. The curving line of a delicious neck. A shoulder. The swish of delicate hips. All make me aware. Aware of my cock, and how it feels.......


There, can you feel it? I can. It's there, between my legs.

It's there. It's all I can think about. I want. I desire. I long for. Sex. I want sex. I want to be with a beautiful woman. To satisfy her. To take my satisfaction from her. With this growing thickness that I'm carrying around with me.

But I deny that for a day or two to revel in that feeling. That twitch. That


My cock. It's there. It has mass. It has weight on these window days. It's my companion, my driving force, this


Until I can't take it anymore, and I give in. I give in to erection. To play.

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album = thick

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