Wednesday, November 22, 2006

HNT #37: New Undies

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More time on the road this week. More hotels. More insomnia. More half-nekkid leisure time. More waking up disoriented - where is that damn snooze button on this particular unfamiliar clock!!!!

How to feel better and spice up my week for under $10? New underwear! So that I can at least pretend to myself that I'm sexy.

Hanes wins out this week. They're fairly comfortable. For this style of cut, that is.

However, there appears to be strange deformation in the fabric near the waistband. Wonder what that could be?

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, everyone. I won't be around tomorrow, so I'm posting early - as usual for me.

Scroll down to the "Holding up the Wall" post if you want the link to the more explicit photos from that night. Only if you're of age, and adventurous. If you're both, enjoy.
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