Monday, November 13, 2006

Fantasy, Reality, and Cheating

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Now that I'm back from my big overseas adventure, it's catch-up time. I essentially had a media blackout week. Minimal TV. Minimal internet access. Minimal email. No blog surfing. No porn. Other than work, it was almost like a meditative retreat which is not bad for you every now and then.

Tonight I've gotten to surf quickly by most of your blogs on my sidebar. And to read the comments on my posts here. I seem to have generated some interesting takes on my "Hello Commando" post about unexpected "extras" during a lapdance, including this interesting take from Oksana:

Not to be a downer, SCM, but I have to admit I always felt like you were being faithful to your wife before this, and I liked that a lot about you. Not that one slip means you're a bad guy...just saying.

Oksana, my virtual friend :) , has been with me a long time - since my DanceFan days. I value her input, and it's a fair take. I won't quibble with it other than to note that I've been back to that same strip club several times since and I have chosen not to get a dance from the handsy dancer again. To not cross that line in that way again. Hopefully that says something about me.

But, allow me to jump off of that comment to another general conversation about cheating. I've discussed it before, but let me add a few new thoughts.

First, do I fantasize about cheating? Absolutely. Fantasy is an invigorating and energizing force. I am a sexual man with a healthy fantasy life.

Do I have opportunity to fantasize a lot? Absolutely. I travel a lot, as you all know, and each road trip is a temptation to fantasize that some surprising and awesome sexual encounter will happen while I'm travelling.

Take this European adventure for example. Did I fantasize heavily that some gorgeous sexually frustrated European female would seize the opportunity to jump the bones of a lonely travelling American male? Of course I did. Vividly, in fact. And I saw lots of pretty women there, of all ages and nationalities. Yeow! But, yeah, like that was going to happen.

That takes us to reality. Reality, of course, was that I had a tame business trip with a little sightseeing and photography thrown in. Very few opportunities to have meaningful conversations with strangers presented themselves, never mind hooking up. That's reality.

In real life I mostly behave. I don't flirt. I don't hang out in hotel bars looking to hook up. And some readers will attest that I regularly decline offers for sex chat or phone sex. I'm flattered by those offers. And that's clearly part of the sex blogging world. Go for it, if that's you. It's just not me, still.

What is me is wishing for a fulfilling relationship with my mate, and substituting porn and strip clubs and a lot of whacking off in hotel rooms for it's absence.

Whacking off to include one night in Europe, when I discovered late one sleepless time-shifted night that there were porn commercials on TV - and nekkidness and photoplay ensued. The explicit, Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) pics are at:
album: Euro Spanking
password (as always): scm

You don't have to go look. :) But enjoy them if you do. And tell me, in equally explicit detail by email, just how you enjoyed them! Okay, that was naughty...

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