Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day!

My blizzard night has turned, not unexpectedly, into a snow day!

Not a fun snow day. A stuck on the road, power on and off, dead hotel kind of snow day. So dead that I went downstairs to ask a question and then was locked out of my room for a while because my key wouldn't work without power! So, a few of us strandees huddled in the dark lobby for a breakfast of pastry and water.

So far today I've done what comes naturally to me when I have no one around, now work to go to, and can't even unfreeze the doors of my car to get in to go down roads I can't go down - I slept! Just waking from my 4 hour nap.

HBO is back on. Who knew that "Must Love Dogs" would be this good?

Internet is back up.

And I have porn. Lot's and lots of porn.

I have a feeling that more naughty pics are on the agenda.

Anyone want to see more naughty pics of me?

Or, maybe just another nap....

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