Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow and Kink

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Snowed in, night two. Stuck in a dead hotel in the frozen midwest. It's not a deep snow. I've seen it a lot worse. But there is a deadly black ice out on the highway, so I'm staying put.

I ventured out briefly in search of food. At least there was a fast food joint open a short walk across an open field. I don't think that my face has been that frozen that quickly in months.

I need hot chocolate, stat!

Back in my room though. Just me, junk TV, and the internet. The wonderful naughty internet.
How bored am I?

Bored enough to spend hours sorting through all of the photos on my harddrive. Of which there are hundreds.

Many of those hundreds of pics are pics of my johnson. My unit. My member. cock. For those of you who ask on HNT day for more pictures of my dick, well by my count I have already posted over 110 pics online, in various poses. You should go see! Let me catch you up - pics are found at all of these places:

Password for any album that requires one = scm

Now, as for new pics, well sorting through all my pics tonight taught me:

- I spend a lot of time alone in hotels
- semi-naked
- with my dick out (hygenically, of course)
- with bodily fluids leaving my body (Hygenically, of course)
- photographing said emissions, who knows why

So, for the weekend - I leave you with the kinky set, bodily fluids edition. NSFW, and not for the faint of heart:
password = scm

Given the nature of this set, some of you may not feel comfortable leaving comments. I understand. Email me and tell me - interesting, or crossing a line?

Have a great weekend. I will, if I ever get out of this hotel.
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