Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Semi-Celibate Bah-Humbug

Wow, have I been grouchy in the last two posts, or what?

Definitely unduly harsh on Mrs. SCM, God Bless her beautiful heart. It's all true, but so what? I'm easily as hard to deal with as she is, or more so. We're just people, trying to get through the day.

If I could just repeat myself for a moment, for the benefit of new readers just meeting me in this blog, a tribute that I wrote about my wife a couple of years ago on "Dancefan" is how I really feel. "My Beloved". Go read it. I offer that up as an apology to her.

I was thinking today about why I'm in a foul mood all of a sudden. It didn't take long to figure out.

Holidays. Hate 'em. I am definitely a bah-humbug scrooge grinch type. It's already hitting me and I just hadn't realized it yet.

Why do I have a hard time with the holiday season? Because I'm antisocial. Or at least non-social. I'm a loner and the holidays are hard for loners. It requires more of me than I'm capable of giving, easily at least. I'm already dreading all of the required gatherings. I'm going to have to come out of my cave more than I want to.

Ouch! Okay, having realized it and admitted it, maybe I can deal with it better this year. Step out of myself and reach out more.

Maybe I need to form a support group: bah-humbuggers anonymous. "Hi, I'm SCM, and I'm a loner. I've been forcibly social for 10 days now." (group, in unison): "Hi SCM".

Okay, let me make a plan here to get me through the holiday season:

- be home as much as possible
- be "present" as much as possible
- participate in the season's traditions / gatherings
- focus on gift-giving, which I like to do
- talk to Mrs. SCM more about holiday planning to reduce her stress
- start thinking now about getting her a nice gift, instead of waiting until Dec 23rd!
- make an effort, a meaningful effort, to be physically affirming to her. Hugs, whatever.

Hmmm. I'm probably not capable of pulling that off. But, it's a plan. Wish me holiday luck.

(Restraining the urge to say bah-humbug)....
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