Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Holiday Wish

Here's my holiday wish, as I end up the year here on Semi-Celibate Erotica:

Lurkers - uncloak just this once! If you've been reading SCE for any length of time, and haven't commented yet or emailed me, I'm calling you out - in a good way of course. This is your moment. Leave me a comment about what draws you here to SCE. What you like or don't like. Answer some questions for me:

- does it seem like almost everyone out there is semi-celibate like me?

- what was your favorite HNT pic of the year? (see the rotating filmstrip on the sidebar for some choices)

- was I too far out there with the many explicit pics of me nekkid and abusing/enjoying myself in hotel rooms that I provided links to? Did you have a favorite explicit pic or set? (If you need those links again, just ask.)

- did any of my stories connect with you?

- how did you find me?

- does anyone want to jump my bones? or, at least give me a massage (see pic in last post)? Does anyone want me to jump yours? Graphic details, please. :)

Okay, lurkers - talk to SCM. Comment here or at semicelibate@yahoo.com I want to "meet" you, virtually of course.

Of course, my regular friends out there in blogland can feel free to answer any or all questions as well. I deeply appreciate all the comments and emails that you've sent my way this year.

See you for HNT.
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