Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Taking Jenna on the Road

JH Cyberskin
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Fuck, people, I'm horny.

I'm travelling a lot, again. And FUCK I'm horny.

Did I mention that I really need to get laid? Not just want. NEED. Almost like I need air or water. Almost. I crave getting laid.

Plan B.

Jenna, in a brief case. Nice. It's like a vibrator - but for guys. You've seen this particular toy in an earlier post here on SCE.

Three things about Ms. Jenna here:

First, it's a little awkward but you can position this toy just right. I drape a towel over a bed pillow and position Jenna on the towel. I can get just the right angle for missionary position. Or sometimes I lay on my side and get side entry. The feel is realistic and the orgasms are deeply intense. Almost incapacitating.

Second, I never use lube when I jerk off. Never. Except with this toy.

Third, there are naughty pics of this of course. I ran out of space on the original photowebsite, so I started sceblog2 so I can fill it up too!

album = Sex Toy
password (as always!) is: scm

I know it's depraved. But it's my best option at the moment.

Enjoy. I did!

Ladies, any thoughts on this type of a sex toy for a man?

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